Gre(v)en(ts): FoodDay Festival and Personal Whine Fest

Garden Share has been a regular on my blogroll for quite some time, but next Monday they are teaming up with Food Day to bring a youth-oriented food summit to the North Country! While this sounds like a great opportunity for schoolkids, upon further inspection I found a more adult-friendly event happening at the Lake Clear Lodge on Saturday, October 22nd.

Naturally, both these events occur on days when I work. It’s too bad there isn’t a similar sustainable organization/event nearby that I could get involved with on my days off…since the one I was involved with made it pretty clear that I wasn’t invited to the party anymore! I really want to be a part of bettering my new community, but I unfortunately find myself hesitating to give too much of myself with the organizations I’ve been volunteering with over the past few months – kind of like when a not-so-nice experience with an ex-boyfriend ruins you for future boyfriends…

I need to take some deep breaths and focus on the original intention that I moved up here with, remember that I have a lot to give, and believe that whatever I choose to be involved with from now on will appreciate my efforts and respect my opinions. Trust in right, brave little heart.


Sidenote: Just noticed my weekly “Free Will” horoscope from the Village Voice:

AQUARIUS [January 20–February 18] The world-famous whiskey known as Jack Daniel’s is produced in Moore County, Tennessee, which prohibits the sale of alcohol in stores and restaurants. So you can’t get a drink of the stuff in the place where it’s made. I suspect there’s a comparable situation going on in your life, Aquarius. Maybe something you’re good at isn’t appreciated by those around you. Maybe a message you’re broadcasting or a gift you’re offering gets more attention at a distance than it does up close. Is there anything you can do about that? The coming weeks would be a good time to try.

Could this be any more right on? I mean, I LOVE Jack Daniels!


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