Spotlight On: Home Again Farm

Butch and I went to Home Again Farm last month for their open house. I had met the owners (and some of the alpacas) at the Mare’s Wares Arts Fest, but had never been to the Farm to meet the whole bunch.

We then went back a of couple weeks later with some friends who were visiting, and their 5-year-old was immediately surrounded by the alpacas like he was one of their own! I think Home Again prefers if you call ahead to schedule a tour, but you wouldn’t have known that by how hospitable and friendly they were, despite the crummy weather and their disorganized preparations for a craft show the following day.

I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area – especially as part of the Seaway Wine Trail (since Otter Creek Winery is right down the street and Home Again has started some vines of their own). Naturally, Butch wants to raise alpacas now…I told him one thing at a time.

And to whom it may concern: The holidays are coming and I would love it if the Hanukkah elf left me a pair of alpaca-lined slippers under the mistletoe!


2 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Home Again Farm

  1. I love the people who run this place. I very nearly went there to demonstrate spinning with a drop spindle during the open house but something was going on that weekend so I didn’t… I hope to next year. They were vending at the Thousand Island Winer’s Octoberfest a few weeks ago. I bought an alpaca knit hat and it is amazing!

  2. There are lots of alpaca farms here in Maine too. I used to deliver mail to one. So there are plenty of spinners and knitters here who use alpaca and show their wares at craft shows and farmers markets.

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