Trick or (Healthy) Treat

While I personally see no problem handing out candy during the H’ween party I’m hosting at the Five Birch Perch later tonight,* I can understand not wanting to load up neighborhood trick-or-treaters with the sweet stuff. The folks over at Green Halloween (which I’ve blogged about before) suggest the following as candy replacements:

– Honey sticks

100% Fruit leather

– Polished rocks


Soy or beeswax crayons

Glass beads


Play doh (store-bought or homemade)

I agree with handing out stickers or other art supplies – especially if they’re Halloween related and or/educational. And although I love the concepts, I think the significance of seeds would be lost on kids, and they would probably ignore the fruit leathers or any other healthy/homemade snack. I definitely don’t agree with the idea of glass beads, or anything that could be mistaken for something edible – that just sounds like trouble to me.

Shirley Siluk Gregory over at Green/Simple Living suggests “treats like fair-trade chocolate, organic cookies and other treats appropriate for  Halloween giving. Global Exchange’s Fair Trade online store, for example,  features bags of fair-trade gold chocolate  coins while Endangered Species Chocolate sells organic milk-chocolate Bug  Bites.”

However you choose to celebrate, have a Happy Halloween!

*I’m pretty pleased with my decorating skills, but for future parties I think I may want to start focusing on a specific theme, a la the spooky genius over at  My Ghoul Friday.

Garfield Halloween screenshot from Trakt


3 thoughts on “Trick or (Healthy) Treat

  1. I agree that it’s not a good idea to be giving out non-edible treats that could be mistaken for real food! But I do want to plug the fruit leathers. Don’t you remember how much we loved them as kids? I still love them (just found a recipe on making my own, and I’m thinking about it… for sure once Graham can eat them).

    Have a great Halloween party tonight!

  2. I love fruit leather…

    The trouble I have with kids is that they only want what they’re familiar with and will usually refuse “unusual things.” It’s really unfortunate and has been a source of waste in my school on several occasions such as days when we explore international food. You can’t force kids to eat new things, unfortunately… I’ve been thinking about getting organic/fair trade candy some year. Trouble is the amount for the price. Usually I’m all about spending tons of money on organic and local food… But when it comes to fickle trick or treaters… *sigh* This is something I’ve thought a lot about!

    Yeah, I’m huge on themes. Hubby and I have been talking about throwing a party next year (probably the weekend before Samhain because of grove activities). I really want to do a “witchs’ ball” theme. I thought your decorations were really nice, btw!

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