Bad Weather Activity: Upcycle Boxes for Playtime

There has been some debate at our house lately on what to do with the empty orange juice containers we have lying around – it seems wasteful to just throw them out, but we’re wary of burning wax(?)-lined cardboard in our wood stove. Well, if we had kids we would have an excuse to decorate our upcycled boxes with fun stickers from Box Play for Kids!

I love the idea of providing kids with an inexpensive toy that encourages use of their imagination while also encouraging re-use of materials. A good way to make it even less expensive, and to involve your kids even more in the creation process, would be to paint/draw whatever design you wanted on the box – that way you’re not limited by what stickers are available (although Box Play does have a lot of cute ideas – egg carton as piano, anyone?!).

These remind me of a certain purse I created once out of a Spanky’s Pizza box, and of the toilet paper tube people my sister and I used to make out of nothing more than tubes, glue and construction paper (we had quite a diverse village of characters from what I recall – wish I had photos…). It really doesn’t take much to get the imagination going!


2 thoughts on “Bad Weather Activity: Upcycle Boxes for Playtime

  1. First of all, let me say how glad I am that we’re friends. I don’t know many people in person who are as into sustainable living as me. It is always a delight to read your blog and know that someone is on the same page!

    Love the idea to paint cartons! I used to make puppets with toilet paper tubes and old pantyhose… There are photos around somewhere… lol

  2. Haha – yeah I try my best! There’s definitely no way for me to be completely green at the moment (I do drive what is essentially and SUV to and from work 35 minutes away), but every little bit helps. And I find that people notice the little things – Me bringing my reusable lunch bags to work got a couple coworkers into buying their own, so I feel like I’m helping the earth in little ways.

    And I’m glad that you know about the joys of toilet paper tube people! Most people look at me like I have two heads if I talk about how I played with “trash” as a kid!

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