Inspiration Station: Prayer from Peaceweavers

This recent email from Peaceweavers resonated with me for so many reasons that I just had to share. I truly hope I can visit them someday for one of their retreats or seasonal gatherings:

These last few weeks we have been harvesting from our organic garden/farm. It’s been a tough year to grow up the seeds that were planted in April, May, and June. The Spring was very wet, slowing the whole planting process down. Then the Summer was exceedingly dry, entering into drought conditions, which slowed the growth of all that was finally planted. Through the extremes we had to stay “grounded” (Ha) and bring balance and love day-to-day to all that was planted. Fortunately with our connection as community we kept our Spirits up which allowed us to keep the “plants’ Spirits” up as well. And through the challenges of Spring and Summer we finally came to have a great Harvest!

We all plant seeds of good intentions, and then we’re asked to tend to them through all the conditions of our lives. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with a flood of challenging situations which try to prevent our care of our good intentions. Sometimes we hit dry spells that try to detract from nurturing our vision. But if we stay grounded in our own wellness and connected to those we love we let the harsh conditions pass by us, as we remain dedicated to our own growth. Eventually day by day, in every way, we have the opportunity to determine our own Harvest. Each of us is a spiritual farmer, planting, tending and growing our deepest desires.

May we all trust our journeys.

In gratitude may we count our Blessings daily.

And as they grow may we offer our Harvest to all our relations.

Greg Lynn Weaver

Photo from Peaceweavers


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