Green(ish) Tip: Buy Handmade!

Finding the perfect present for someone has always been one of life’s thrills for me, and making that present is even better. I’ve always been a big believer in encouraging others to buy handmade, and as a current member of an amazing local “crafty sisterhood” (the above photo being a good likeness of our monthly get-togethers), I’m going to take the opportunity to shamelessly plug local creative businesses, starting with mine:

• FiveBirchPerch: My newest crafty venture. Handmade jewelry & decor created from natural materials, man-made trimmings, and some vintage thrown in for good measure. Custom work available.

• BklynMkt: Angela finally started selling her vintage and handmade jewelry. I personally know she has a lot more than what is featured here, so check back regularly.

• Changeling Art: M’s whimsical, one of a kind fabric art dolls, collectable plushies, and ornaments, inspired by mythology, folklore, fairy tales, and her own imagination.

• QuTeePi: The home of all cute things, made by Nina, including purses made from German fabric and play food made from ecofi (a felt made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. It is soft, so much fun to play with and it is also free of allergens).

• Honey Loo Studios: Renee takes amazing pin-up/bourduor-style photos that can make any girl feel like a vintage vamp (good present for both you and the hubs/boyf/girlf/etc). She also offers maternity, family and newborn photo packages.

•LuciesBoutique: Handmade, hand stamped, fired and polished pure silver jewelry, made by Ashley. She also makes custom wedding jewelry with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver and her jewelry is sold locally at An Eclectic Boutique.

• Les Savons De LouLou: Natural olive oil soap, bath products and skin care products, made by Louise. Her soap-making studio (where you can try your hand at the craft) is located directly next door to An Eclectic Boutique.

• Not Too Shabby Antiques: Antiques, vintage clothing and costume jewelry, found and refinished by Sandra, featured at An Eclectic Boutique.

• An Eclectic Boutique: Located in the Buckley building in Carthage, NY, it’s a store where you can find natural soaps and skin care products (made by Les Savons De LouLou), antique furniture, vintage jewelry and clothing (Not Too Shabby), handmade fine silver jewelry (LuciesBoutique), original aprons and North Country fine foods.

• Hill Woman Herbs: Sue-Ryn’s artfully blended herbs, oils and incense, ritual goods, bath salts,  potpourri, catnip mice & toys,  eye pillows, aromatherapy products, and other simple pleasures and affordable comforts for the body, mind, & spirit. She also just came out with a book featuring herbal recipes and formulas.

Home Again Farm: Gail and Daryl offer a variety of hats, sweater, scarves, slippers, etc, woven from fibers from the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool. They also offer imports from Peru and yarn from the fiber of their own alpaca herd. Alpaca yarn compares to wool, without the itchiness!

Of course, this is just my pseudo-nepotistic list, so feel free to browse Etsy or any other online marketplace on your own to buy handmade gifts for a very green holiday season!

Glamourous knitting photo from LibrariAnne


2 thoughts on “Green(ish) Tip: Buy Handmade!

  1. OMG I just realized my mum was admiring some of the jewelry from one of these crafters! I really must go to that shop in Carthage to pick up a necklace as a Solstice gift.

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