On Fire: My Not So Green(ish) Desire for a Kindle

I’m not usually one to jump on the techie bandwagon, but girl can’t help it – I really want a Kindle Fire! With my ancient PowerBook threatening to die at any moment, I’ve been debating what would be the best replacement. Considering the majority of what I use my laptop for is blogging/internet related activity (and that for the rare graphic design project I do, there is another Mac in the house), I can’t really justify spending the amount of money required for a Mac Air or iPad. I’ve been eyeing the Kindle since it first came out, but since all it originally offered was reading, well, I knew I could just go to the library for that!

But now that internet browsing has been introduced with the Fire, I’m experiencing a burning desire of consumer-want not known to me since I haunted sample sales on Manhattan’s west side. Last year I blogged about the non-green(ish) implications of e-readers, but the times they have been a’changing, and Apple has now become fairly transparent about the carbon footprint of their products. I wish Amazon would do the same, but I don’t think their lack of accountability will sway my decision much, since other factors of e-reader sustainability are well-known. And, as usual, you can offset whatever environmental naughtiness you may have committed – Eco-Libris gives you the option of planting a tree for every paper book you buy.

I still need to get myself to a Best Buy to play around with the Kindle and see how it works for me, but as a portable connection to the internet that also happens to get me some ebooks…it’s looking better every day.

Kindle Fire photo from Amazon


2 thoughts on “On Fire: My Not So Green(ish) Desire for a Kindle

  1. I’m always looking at the pros and cons of new technology. I got a refurbished kindle just for reading and I really like it. I put a lot of pdf files on there which saves me from printing a ton.

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