Inspiration Station: Decorating Natural History Style

Inspired by The Evolution Store back in the City (one of my faves), I’ve been slowly redecorating our bathroom in a natural history/cabinet of curiosities sort of style. Here’s a quick  “mood board” of what I’m thinking:

From Completely Coastal

From kReEsTaL’s Cabinet of Curiosities Pintrest 

From West Elm

Image by CubaGallery

Hand crocheted alpaca butterflies from ouef be good

From Lady Lavona’s Cabinet of Curiosities

From specimenboxshop’s Etsy page

From DecouDermy on Etsy

I shared some more inspiration over at my tumblr blog: Path of the Feather. I’ll post photos of the bathroom once I’m done redecorating!


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Station: Decorating Natural History Style

  1. Love this style of decorating! Have you ever been to the natural history museum in the Adirondacks? One of my favorite rooms there is full of specimens – butterflies, feathers, spore samples, skeletons… Very neat!

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