Big (Green) Deal: Disappearing Ink!

As green(ish) as I try to be, I still keep a day planner in my purse, stay organized by writing lists and print out my crochet patterns so I can spread out on the couch while I work. Butchy bought me a Kindle Fire (which solved the the inner debate I was having – I couldn’t refuse a gift, now could I?), and that has allowed me to be more mobile with patterns and anything else I find online that I might otherwise want to print. I’ll also finally be joining the world of smart phones this month, so I’ll be experimenting with using the planner and stickies on that. But there’s really just something about the physical act of writing things down that helps me remember, which is why I was so pleased to come upon these two techie solutions to the ink and paper problem:

I first saw this Eco Printer on Re-nest (which has now merged back into Apartment Therapy), but the idea of being able to reuse regular printer paper indefinitely sounds incredible:

Invented by Sharsha Lee for Liteon Technology Corporation, the Eco Printer ‘magically’ erases documents , making the paper usable again. The printer uses ink with photographic materials that disappear from UV irradiation. So documents that are printed, but do not need to “last” can be printed and then something new can be reprinted on the same piece of paper.

Since paper can be recycled 5-10 times, this can up the ante even more. Without thinning or degrading the paper, the cycle is greatly increased before recycling. Now, we don’t know how many times more you can print, but from what we read, there is no limit. Some may be concerned that well-lit offices may erase the printed document too soon, it looks like this shouldn’t be a problem since the main component to erase the ink is inside of the machine, and you would need a whole lot of sunlight. This idea was one of the winning entries for the 2010 Red Dot Concept Design.

Now this idea initially came out in 2009 but that printer required special paper, while this machine claims to take any paper you have on hand.

Found in a random Brookstone catalog that came to my house, the Boogie Board™ LCD Writing Tablet with Stylus Holder seems like an eco-friendly way to jot down quick to-dos, or even doodle/brainstorm before committing your ideas to paper. The version pictured above is the most basic, but there are more deluxe versions available with erase lock buttons and replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable version (the Rip) also allows you to save and transfer your ideas to another device. Of course, if you choose the basic model, Brookstone also sells an additional stylus holder that covers the button to reduce accidental erasures. And I also just noticed this humorously similar kids version, if you’re looking to save some cash.

Which reminds me, you can always go old-school with a vintage mini-chalkboard on the desk:

Or even a large can’t-miss-it monthly wall calendar decal:

Just make sure you buy dustless chalk, or better yet, make your own!



Acme disappearing ink from NeatoCoolville
Eco printer from Apartment Therapy
Writing tablet from Brookstone
Vintage chalkboard from Recycle Buy Vintage on Etsy
Chalkboard wall calendar decal from InAninstantArt on Etsy


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