Communal Spirit: My Interview with the Watertown Daily Times

Lucky Seven Lecture Series at NCAC


Corinne M. Mockler got involved in the North Country Arts Council to help its education committee, but now she’s hoping to educate the public through a new series that was her inspiration.

The council is expanding its cultural opportunities by hosting a Lucky Seven Lecture Series at its headquarters at Arts on the Square, 52 Public Square. It begins March 1 and will run from 6 to 7 p.m. for seven Thursdays. Topics will vary from “Native Americans of the Eastern Lake Ontario region” to the “art and science of wine.”

Mrs. Mockler said that when she began volunteering she noticed there were a lot of hands-on classes like painting and mixed media at the council.

“I thought maybe a different way to get the word out would be to do something more like a discussion or lecture series that would not just be visual arts but would be about the cultural aspects of the Watertown and north country area,” she said.

All the speakers are local and the idea for people to present the lectures came through various contacts of arts council members.

“It wasn’t one person having to track down these people,” she said. “It was a group effort.”

Mrs. Mockler said there seems to be positive reaction from the public based on registration thus far.

“Hopefully, with a good response, it would be good to do annually,” she said.

She urged others to check out the arts council for volunteer opportunities, ranging from working in the gallery a few hours a week to setting up and breaking down chairs for the lecture series.

“I’m sure we can find some area anyone who wants to be involved can help out with,” she said.

The more lectures people attend in the series, the more chances they have of being “lucky” because they will be entered into a raffle for each event. Prizes, which will be drawn at the end of the series of lectures, are a $25 gift certificate to the Crystal Restaurant, a $50 gift certificate to Garlock Lumber Co. in Alexandria Bay and a gift basket from Gray’s Flower Shop.

The lectures of the Lucky Seven Lecture Series:

March 1: North Country Roots: Native Americans of the Eastern Lake Ontario Region

Laurie W. Rush, the cultural resources manager and archaeologist on Fort Drum, will describe the changing people and cultures of the area the past 10,000 years and how we learn from the objects and features they left behind.

March 8: The Flower Family Effect: Facts, Inspiration and Scandal

Yvonne Reff, supervisor of the genealogy department at Flower Memorial Library, will explore the life of Emma Flower Taylor. She was the only daughter of one of the richest men in the country, but her riches didn’t protect her from life’s unhappiness. She lost her two brothers and a son, and she fell in love and married a handsome man “only to divorce him for his roving eye.”

Blackmail and murder touched her life as well, but in spite of her personal unhappiness, Mrs. Flower Taylor was charitable to every organization that needed her. The lecture will explore that legacy of kindness.

March 15: Exploring the Thousand Islands

Jack Tibbles, assistant director of the Thousand Islands Land Trust, will examine the question, “What is land conservation” and explore the different ways people can become involved, through preservation, restoration, recreation and education.

He also will give an overview of TILT and explain how those interested can explore the area’s environment through “TILTreks and Talks” and through its volunteer program.

March 22: The Art and Science of Wine

Stephen J. Conaway, owner of Thousand Islands Winery, Collins Landing, will share his experiences with the relationship between wine and art and its effect on local culture. He also will explain how New York law affects the sale of art at state wineries and how local art is an integral part of winery marketing.

Note: this lecture will include wine tasting, so early registration is recommended.

March 29: Soapmaking: A Passionate Perspective

This lecture will be presented by Louise Psarras-Bly, owner of An Eclectic Boutique by Les Savons de LouLou, Carthage, which recently added a soap-making studio.

Ms. Psarras-Bly began her craft in late 1999, when she moved from her home country, Belgium, to Tennessee with her military husband. She will explain the difference between commercial and natural lye soap and explore the steps of soap-making.

April 5: Exploring Herbal Options for Mind, Body and Soul

Herbalist and author Sue-Ryn Burns will explain ways to use herbs to enhance your well-being. She has more than 35 years of experience working with herbs in many ways, from growing and foraging in the north country’s Zone 4 to crafting and creating all manner of herbal products.

April 12: The Art of Visual Storytelling Through Documentary Film

Matthew A. White, director, photographer and editor at 4th Coast Productions, will share his experiences of creating documentaries, news and advertising videos. Productins by 4th Coast include “Little Ditch: The Black River Canal” and a World II documentary about Mr. White’s grandfather, Rishel White, “Coming Home Alive.”

How exciting that I sound so intelligent! Keep an eye out for me on Channel 7 (early early) morning news on Feb 21st, talking about the Lecture Series some more. And for more info on the Lecture Series, see the North Country Arts Council.


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