Inspiration Station: Secret Gardens

We’re gearing up for another planting season here at the Five Birch Perch. Besides increasing the square footage of our veggie garden, Butch will be putting in a small orchard and berry patch at the bottom of the hill (where we also might attempt a rain garden). And, as I’ve mentioned, I’m planning my own medicine wheel garden/labyrinth for somewhere on the property.

Our yard is fairly clear and wide open. Good for sun exposure, but not so good for creating an enclosed, mysterious garden space. It will take some work, but someday I’ll have a secret garden of my own:

The Lost Gardens of Heligan by Ditchdigger (via Mom)

A garden door in Castle Combe, photo by bolou

Train tunnels in the Ukraine’s Enchanting Forest, photos by Oleg Gordienko (via CosmicWolfgirl)

The walled garden at Great Maytham Hall (the inspiration for Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden), photos by Christine G. H. Franck

So obviously, I need to travel to England (again) for nothing but garden tours…but I already knew that gardens designed in the cottage style were my favorite…

A place to sit in peaceful bliss and dream my morning dreams.
Contentment settles like a cape upon my happy soul.
It’s wondrous the joy I feel when in my secret garden
– Elizabeth Melton Parsons


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