What Lies Beneath

I know this photo has been floating around Facebook, but I felt it was such a beautiful and haunting way to show the reality of pollution in the ocean. When you toss garbage, or use harmful materials with no concern as to where it ends up, it will come back to you. Not just in the form of floating garbage dumps, but in your child’s drinking water and on the beaches you lay on to sunbathe, and in the air you breathe. I don’t claim to be the world’s greenest person, but every day I try to be a little more mindful of that I’m doing and how it affects the bigger picture. I hope that eventually everyone on earth will do the same, until conservation will be as natural to us as buying water in a plastic bottle is now. What small steps could you make towards this goal?


2 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath

  1. Yeah I agree. We personally fill up jugs from a nearby spring – totally free! And when I’m at work I drink the city water from the tap. The issue for people comes when their tap water is not good, and no filter helps…shipping water for water coolers is not sustainable either. A real dilemna.

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