What the F? PETA’s Fur Fighters Game

While Googling the already existing video game called Fur Fighters, I came across PETA’s cringe-worthy version. Players can choose either an adorable bunny, fox or raccoon, then leave a trail of blood as they waddle around the Burberry store spray painting fur coats while evading the secret service.

Oh, but there is a disclaimer first:

How interesting that my earliest encounter with PETA was when I was working off Union Square and one of my coworkers came in with her very obviously fake fur coat covered in paint. Well actually, only the back was covered, because of course the sneaky PETA protester only splashed her as she walked in the opposite direction. Don’t get me wrong, I am staunchly against animal cruelty, but the methods that PETA encourages, yes, encourages, their followers to use to make their points only gives more ammunition to the opposition. Animal rights activists are constantly being labeled as crazy, left-wing zealots not worth listening to because of the actions of a few. A silly little disclaimer isn’t going to stop extremists from vandalizing – but a good example might make the organization more respectable.

When it comes to activism, meet your opponent on level ground, promote your cause in a proactive way and most importantly, always be the bigger person. I know the other guy doesn’t always fight fair, but that doesn’t mean you have to stoop to that level to get ahead. Don’t only highlight the problems, but the solutions, and people will be more likely to listen, and possibly join up with the cause themselves.

I know there may be those who disagree with what I’ve written here, but I welcome any opinions in the comments section below, as long as they are respectful. Any insulting or derogatory comments will immediately be deleted.


4 thoughts on “What the F? PETA’s Fur Fighters Game

  1. Much of PETA’s ridiculous and seemingly-counterproductive behavior (Ex. 1) (Ex. 2) (Ex. 3) (Ex. 4) (Ex. 5) (Ex. 6) (Ex. 7) makes sense if you reimagine PETA’s main goal to be the continued existence of PETA, not the elimination of animal cruelty.

    Personally, if I ran a meat-packing company, or manufactured fur coats, or relied on animal-testing of my products, I would regularly donate a ton of money to PETA: I’m that convinced that they turn more people away from their cause than they raise awareness of it. Sort of like the Westboro Baptist Church.

  2. This is an interesting viewpoint. I was a little confused myself why PETA seemed to exhibit such counterproductive behavior, but I guess every company has got to stay in business.

    It would be interesting to know if they have an official policy concerning donations….

    Thanks for chiming in!

  3. I worked on the original video game, this PETA game keeps popping up on my google alerts (which is what brought me here). I think maybe we were a bit more respectful towards animals in our game.

  4. I LOVE the original game! And yes, your version was much more respectful – especially uthe use of stuffing instead of blood.

    Was it not an issue that PETA used the same name? I mean, wouldn’t there have been a copyright on that?

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