Inspiration Station: The Pothole Gardener

Via Stumbleupon via Treehugger:

The Pothole Gardener Creates Miniature Living  Worlds in East London Potholes

by  Tafline  Laylin, 01/20/12

Steve  Wheen understands that nobody likes to pay a pile of taxes only to hit  potholes on their way to work every day, so he started filling up the pesky  cracks in East London with mini living worlds comprised of soil, plants, and  adorable props. The guerrilla  gardener creates these mini (mostly domestic) scenes on quiet streets, dead  end lanes, and foot paths, snaps photographs of his work, and then removes the  props so that nobody gets a chair in their tire! When he’s satisfied with his  projects, he documents them over at The  Pothole Gardener.

Wheen explains on his blog that he has “never claimed to be the first  Guerrilla Gardener, or even the first pothole gardener for that matter” and  points to similar projects on the Guerrilla Gardening website.  According to him, the first example of pothole gardening dates back to an  American school group, but his mini worlds are definitely worth writing home  about.

Wheen started pothole gardening during his university years partly to create  art, partly as a labor of love, and also to highlight how “sh#t” East London’s  roads are”, he writes. Some of our favorite examples of his work include the  cricket match scene and the iconic red telephone booth that fills up a pothole  in front of London  Bridge. The idea behind these mini living worlds is to put a smile on the  faces of people who drive by them, and it definitely worked for us.

Reminds me of a post I did a while back about Crack Gardening…which reminds me, if the front deck doesn’t go up this year (which, finances looking the way they are, probably will not be happening for a little while), I have the perfect, cracked cement slab to plant with pretty posies.

Photo from Stumbleupon


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