Big (Green) Announcement: My New Job with the Thousand Islands Land Trust!

I’m quite pleased to announce my exciting new job as the Coordinator of Education and Outreach for the Thousand Islands Land Trust! Since the position itself is a new(ish) one at TILT, the responsibilities will be varied and ever-changing, but the overall gist is that I’ll be involved in the existing programs/treks that TILT already runs and in charge of developing new (mostly kid-oriented) ones, to start this summer. I’ll also be running a couple exciting outreach initiatives that I’m not sure if I can talk about yet, but planning has already begun.

I began interviewing with TILT last fall, and was informed that they picked lil’ ol’ me right after the new year, but had to wait for the board to officially approve the budget for my position before I shouted it from the rooftops (aka, blogged about it). Talk about an exercise in patience! I’ve volunteered with TILT in the past, and as I mentioned, have already begun planning, so I feel fully prepared to jump right in come my start date of March 14th.

Since the Coordinator position isn’t full-time until May, my current job at the flower shop has been gracious enough to allow me to work part-time for them until I’m needed full-time at TILT. While I will miss my coworkers there, this opportunity with TILT is so spot-on with what I’ve been trying* to do since moving up here 2 years ago, that words cannot describe how excited, and thankful, I am to get started!

And if you live in the Thousand Islands area and are looking to get involved with a local conservation group, TILT is also hiring a Summer Land Steward (and, as always, interns) and Save the River, while also looking for interns, is apparently interviewing for a new Executive Director to start mid-summer.

“Trying” sounds a bit like I’ve continuously failed, when in reality, I organized multiple programs and projects when at the Farm and have further honed my skills at planning with my volunteer work on the education committee at the North Country Arts Council (opening night of the Lucky 7 Lecture Series had 35 walk-ins – not too shabby!). I guess it would be more appropriate to say “what I’ve been trying to be PAID for doing since moving up here!”

4 thoughts on “Big (Green) Announcement: My New Job with the Thousand Islands Land Trust!

  1. We’re so proud of you. You’ve earned it! Now make your mark on the North Country!

  2. Thanks, Mom! I’ve gotten a lot of congrats on facebook too – The support is so overwhelming. And I do feel like the stars finally aligned…it’s going to be a great year!

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