First Sign of Spring

Spotted some bulbs poking their way out of the soil in my back bed the other day….still have a way to go, but spring has definitely sprung!

Also started seeds this past weekend*. Butch set up our usual shelves, but decided to purchase some plant lights to help the seedlings along a little better. I had seen an article (in Organic Gardening, I think) where a reader had rigged up rope lighting instead of heat mats, so we decided to try it out. Butch cut some plywood for each shelf, to keep the containers from falling through the holes in the wire shelving and to provide a bit of a barrier between the containers and the rope lights.

It would depend on the size of your operation if buying rope lights would necessarily be less expensive than heating mats, but I just happened to have some old rope lights lying around…so, obviously a cheaper option for us! I did find this article from Dave’s Garden which talks about seedling heating mats and inexpensive alternatives.

Happy spring, everyone!

*Update! We already have seedlings popping out of the soil…our new setup is obviously working great!


One thought on “First Sign of Spring

  1. I love how the two of you work together to come up with solutions. Your marriage is truly a joint effort. May it flourish just as your garden does!
    BTW….here in Maine, my daffodil leaves are already 6″ tall! The ice on the lake is just a thin layer with cracks of water already developing. It’s just melting away. I predict there will be no dramatic ice-out this year!

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