Rated G(reen): The Adirondacks

Butch and I watched The Adirondacks on PBS recently:

Besides highlighting the many histories, sights and activities that make up this enormous national park, Adirondack “is the only one on the continent in which large human populations live and whose land is divided almost evenly between protected wilderness and privately owned tracts. This patchwork pattern of land ownership has created an utterly unique place.” It was captivating – and I highly recommended it!

Coincidentally, my sister bought me a book for my birthday this year called Adirondack Wildlife: A Field Guide by James M. Ryan:

Also recommended, mainly because Ryan manages to relate a complete description of alpine tundra and a concise geological history of the Adirondacks in language that is both informative and interesting.

But don’t limit your discovery of the Adirondacks to film and books – explore it for yourself!

Book cover from adirondacklifestore.com


5 thoughts on “Rated G(reen): The Adirondacks

  1. Definitely! There’s a beautiful nature trail around Long Lake I think. I went there several years ago and it was a great, relaxing way to get in touch with nature. Hubby and I also want to climb more of the smaller mountains in the possibly over ambitious dream of climbing the high peaks one day! 😛

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