Spotlight On: The Wild Center of the Adirondacks

All this talk of the Adirondacks made me remember that Butch and I visited the wonderful Wild Center in Tupper Lake over a year and a half ago…and I never posted the photos!

The Wild Center is a fairly new education center – and I immediately noticed their attention to environmental details.

But besides all that, the educational exhibits at the Wild Center are phenomenal.  Whoever designed the space had an incredible eye for detail and a thorough understanding of how to make environmentalism relateable to people of all ages, especially children.

It doesn’t take long to go through the indoor exhibit, which was good for me – I couldn’t wait to get outside and check out the surrounding hiking trails.

We came upon an area called “The Pines” – a sort of man-made/natural playground. In fact, we did see a couple kids jumping around from log to log (it doesn’t take much for kids to have fun in nature)!

Then we took a different trail back to the Wild Center, stopping to survey the wetlands along the way…

Back at the nature center we ate some yummy food in the cafe and caught a showing of Carl Heilman’s Wild Adirondacks in the Panoramas Theater. We went in the fall, but the Wild Center is open year-round and always hosting a variety of interesting, and informative programs, so go check them out for yourself!

Wild Center Logo from


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