TILT Announces New Staff in T.I. Sun

Serious street cred in the T. I. Sun! Although, I do think it’s time for me to lay low for a while – people are going to get tired of seeing my mug all over the local news. And, while we’re talking blogging about the new job: I went on my first TILTrek of the season – a Signs of Spring walk on Macsherry Trail, led by naturalist Peter O’Shea (who has a fantastic NYC accent). See photos from that trek here. And make sure to follow TILT on facebook, twitter and even YouTube!


7 thoughts on “TILT Announces New Staff in T.I. Sun

  1. well i’ll be working for my old job the next weekend….but that’s my LAST weekend with them – so another cause to celebrate! let’s plan for weekend of may 18th!

  2. Great article! Especially the part about you! It was worded beautifully, making your life sound like it really flowed one thing into another. At least now I know what your title is! So proud of you…………..mom

  3. Haha – and I’m sure you love being referred to as a “back-to-the-land hippie!” And I’m sure I told you what my title was….but I know it’s confusing to keep things straight with the volunteering I do for the Arts Council too.

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