Maple Fest in Picton Ontario

To celebrate Butch’s birthday last weekend, we went to Picton, Ontario to celebrate Maple in the County! We stayed at the Picton Harbour Inn, which had a nice view of the harbor and amazing breakfast (Chesterfields Cafe is a good way to start the day too). On Saturday, all of downtown had sales and events in honor of Maple Fest, so we wandered around (and shopped, naturally) for a bit before hopping in the car to drive around the county.

Prince Edward County is a historic, culturally diverse and agriculturally rich “island.” Although it was Maple weekend, we actually ignored the sugar shacks (already having first hand knowledge of the process) and the wineries (since we live in a major wine region ourselves). We chose instead to visit a couple of the local cheese factories to buy delicious souvenirs – Black River Cheese Company and Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company. Fifth Town was especially interesting to me, with their green facility and outdoor pavilion made from repurposed materials!

On the way back to town we made a stop at local tourist attraction Birdhouse City. “Designed as a community involvement project, schools, businesses, individuals and groups all got on the bandwagon, coming up with over 80 birdhouses, most of them reproductions of historic buildings and other recognizable structures.” There was even a miniature of the replica (got that?) Crystal Palace that exists on the outskirts of downtown.

The local brewery, Barley Days, tempted us in for a taste-test, with Butch buying a 6-pack of Wind and Sail to enjoy back on our hotel balcony (with a birthday cigar, of course). We also saw Hunger Games at the one-screen, historic Regent Theater, tried Peameal bacon at the Acoustic Grill, enjoyed a maple-infused Buddha Dog (with maple cheddar of course) and gorged ourselves on an incredible birthday meal at Currah’s Restaurant, including dessert (ginger coconut Crème brûlée, anyone?).

I somehow managed to not take any photos of the breathtaking waterfront vistas – probably because we were driving so much…but Prince Edward County is gorgeous! There are wine tours, studio tours (tons of artists/craftspeople in the are) and bike trails, not to mention over a dozen conservation areas (ranging from wetlands to sand dunes). I hope we can get back this summer, because I would love to check out all of the above!


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