GRE(v)EN(ts): Tomorrow! Help Nesting Terns With TILT

This TILTrek was my original introduction* last year to the Thousand Islands Land Trust (and Save the River). It was a lot of fun – so come out and help us if you can!

(Ignore the date on the photo below – the date was changed to April 12th due to bad weather on the River)

Installing the gull exclusion grid

We’re installing the gull exclusion grid on Tuesday, April 12th!

Each year, TILT and Save The River install a protective grid over the Eagle Wings shoals and Tidd Island for Common Tern nesting. Gulls and other avian predators cannot fly through the grid, so the terns have a better chance of fledging young.

The Common Tern is a NYS threatened species because their preferred habitat has diminished. This project, under the leadership of Dr. Lee Harper, has resulted in improved tern populations along the river and in the Great Lakes. More information about the Common Tern Project is available from Save The River.

If you’d like to help install the grid, please sign up by contacting TILT at 315-686-5345,, or on our website. This TILTrek is weather dependent, and we will contact you if plans change at the last minute, so please give us a telephone number. We will meet at the TILT office at 135 John Street at 8:45 on Tuesday morning for transportation out to the shoals. Work gloves are recommended. Lunch will be provided by Subway of Clayton.  We will return to Clayton by 3:00 pm, although there will likely be a trip in to shore around noon.This event is sponsored by Subway & The Victorian Convenience Store and is part of our TILTreks & Talks series, encouraging living, learning and conserving in the Thousand Islands region.

*Sort of funny how I mentioned the Program Manager position at STR (a similar post to my current position with TILT) and how I didn’t feel qualified. I think my confidence level was way down due to the rejection I had felt at the farm, but luckily I still went ahead and applied to the Coordinator of Education and Outreach position at TILT when it came up in the fall – sometimes all it takes is writing out your cover letter to realize how qualified you actually are!

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