Green 101: Using Leftover Yarn To Make Eco-Friendly Items

Crafty-lady that I am, I receive Michael’s emails with coupons, specials, and occasional how-tos. Most of the time I ignore the how-tos, since they’re often of the scrap-booking variety, but the latest one highlighted some “eco-friendly/recycling” instructions, including these crocheted projects below:

 Lily® Sugar’N Cream® Crochet Reusable Grocery Bag, large

Now obviously these are all patterns promoting a specific brand of yarn, but for the most part you could use any scraps you have (except maybe for the scrubby part of the dishcloth). Also just crocheting/knitting a tight square of single-crochets (or whatever that translates into knitting) will result in a reusable cloth for cleaning any surface.

Also, keep in mind that you can compost yarn (although you may want to start with eco-friendly yarn if it’s compost you’re putting on a veggie garden) and birds will gladly use any scraps you have to build their nests (Image and how-to available at Fiber Farm):

Remember, very few things actually have to end up in the garbage pile – get creative!


9 thoughts on “Green 101: Using Leftover Yarn To Make Eco-Friendly Items

  1. Excellent idea with the duster cover. Is it staticky enough to pick up cat hair and hold onto it? That’s my standard for a good duster cover.

  2. Every time I crochet I find my cats’ hair stuck to my project so I think the duster cover should work on picking it up!

  3. That’s a good question. Probably not as much as say, a swiffer, but you could always lightly mist it with some white vinegar + essential oil of your choice…and that little bit of moisture would help pick up any hairs.

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  5. great idea. the birds have already taken the straw bits I left out so I will try wool scraps. Maybe too late for this year.

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