Inspiration Station: Futuristic Forest in the Garden City

The Forest Of The Future

An ambitious project in Singapore will boast 18 supertrees, climbing up to 160 feet tall

By Mark Strauss
magazine, April 2012

Singapore—known worldwide as the “Garden City” because it has more than 300 parks—is poised to become the “City in a Garden.” An ambitious project is converting 250 acres of waterfront property into a horticultural recreation area.

The first section, Bay South, will open in June, boasting a forest of 18 “supertrees.” Ranging in height from 80 to 160 feet, the concrete and steel tree trunks are being covered with vertical planters that will hold more than 162,000 plants (some 200 species), while vast canopies made from metal rods will cool the area by providing shade. Seven of the supertrees are fitted with solar panels, which will collect electricity to light them at night. The tallest one will be topped with a bistro offering a panoramic view of all the gardens, making it the world’s most elegant treehouse.

At the beginning of the year, I cashed in some reward points towards subscriptions of Smithsonian and National Geographic – highly recommended if you enjoy having your mind blown on a regular basis!

Edited to add: The Daily Good just featured a more in-depth article on The Gardens by the Bay, as it is officially known.


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