House O’ Dreams: Natural History Bathroom

In January I created a mood-board for redecorating our bathroom in a “natural history” style. When we first bought the house, I threw a few decorations up in the bathroom, just to make it pretty, but the room had since felt sort of stagnant and uninspiring. While I’d been steadily redecorating, the recent hot weather allowed me to finally paint the mirror and light fixture a nice glossy black, which really tied the room together. It’s still a work in progress, but behold – the Natural History Bathroom at the Five Birch Perch:

There are still a couple of projects I would like to complete here: Mainly refinishing the sink stand, lining the inside of the medicine cabinet, and building some sort of wooden cat box situation (instead of the purple spaceship I have now). Eventually the ceiling will be painted white also (not the beams tho’), but that’s a project that includes the entire downstairs. The only new items I had to purchase to achieve this new look was the shower curtain from West Elm and the chocolate-brown towels from Target (cheapest towels anywhere). The wooden bath mats had been purchased last summer and the rest of the decor I already owned! And that’s my best advice for anyone redecorating a room with a “theme” – see what you have in your own collection, even in other rooms of the house. Chances are, if you’re that interested in a particular subject enough to decorate a whole room that way, you probably already own some decor that could bring that room to life!


3 thoughts on “House O’ Dreams: Natural History Bathroom

  1. This is one of my favorite rooms in your house. It seems to say that about a bathroom, but I really do love it. I’m slowly collecting or making things for my ideal themes, but until I own a home I feel like… well, I can’t ever make this place mine so I might as well build and collect slowly. You are so lucky to have such a lovely place to mold into your own. You’re doing a great job of it!

  2. Thanks Grey….that’s really sweet to say, especially considering the cat litter is in there….and keep planning for your house o’ dreams – it will happen at just the right time!

  3. I’ve always said that bathrooms are the ideal place for artwork and things of interest………where else does one have time to just sit and contemplate their surroundings?!

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