Big (Green) Deal: Charcoal Filter Cleans Air Sustainably

‘Chikuno Cube + House’ Charcoal Filter Cleans the Air Without Chemicals or Electricity

by Helen Morgan, 06/07/12 on Inhabitat

Japanese designer Satoshi Umeno has created a beautiful wooden air purifier that looks like a miniature house. Dubbed the Chikuno Cube + House, the design consists of an all-natural wood base and a honeycomb cube of bamboo charcoal that cleans the air and freshens your home without the use of chemicals or electricity.

The Japanese have traditionally used charcoal – a product we usually associate with dirty outdoor grills – as a natural filter that absorbs impurities in air and water. It’s the same principal behind Brita pitchers and Bobble Bottles, although Satoshi Umeno‘ air cleaner uses a big block of aerated activated carbon. The block is created through a controlled burning process – pieces of charcoal are slowly heated in an oxygen-starved kiln until they become carbon.

I love these! The design is gorgeous and the idea (predating Britas apparently!) practical. Bringing it back to basics, people.
Photo from Inhabitat

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