The 11-Year Itch: Sunspots & Solar Cycles

Did you know that the world is going to end in 2012?! I sure did, because every recent natural phenomenon seems to bring with it “confirmation” of the apocalypse. The wildfires out in Colorado? Yup, that represents the fiery depths of Hell! Hurricane Katrina = the Great Flood (caused most likely by having a lesbian host the Emmys)!. And now these pesky sunspots, suspiciously happening in the same year that some long-dead people predicted would be the end of time.

Having already dismissed sunspots as a natural event, a conversation at the bar with a local who builds telescopes and the bartender (who happens to also be a Reverend) informed me that these sunspots are actually fairly routine. As in, every 11 years the sun peaks during its solar cycle and produces more sunspots than in the other 10. End of days story, right?

On another note, many climate change skeptics have recently focused on blaming these sunspots for global warming, rather than industrial activity. While it would be difficult to confirm unless we ceased all human pollution and slapped some samples under the microscope, I highly doubt that a celestial body experiencing its routine cycle millions of miles away could possibly affect us more than a nuclear plant meltdown in Japan. Unless of course a major solar flare finally sets off the Zombie Apocalypse everyone’s been talking about…

In short, lets all just calm down. If the Mayans were able to predict doomsday (but, interestingly enough, not smallpox), then there really isn’t anything we can do about it, now is there? Let’s all just try to be nice to each other and live life to the fullest, regardless of the supposed expiration date of 12.21 looming up ahead. And most importantly, let’s try not to let this ruin Christmas.


2 thoughts on “The 11-Year Itch: Sunspots & Solar Cycles

  1. Oh gosh, the whole 2012 thing… It’s very silly. As you say, if the world is going to end, what are we going to do about it?

    But really, what experts and people who study other ancient/indigenous cultures think is that this really just represents the end of an old period and the beginning of a new. Who knows what that will bring… hopefully, as we move towards the Age of Aquarius, we’ll have 600 or so years to adjust to the more egalitarian society said to come with that!

    Who really knows. Like you said, we need to treat each other with kindness and just try our best to get alone and make things better while we do have time! We Druids are used to celebrating endings and beginnings on a regular basis. This whole thing is just old news to us. lol

  2. Yes! I had meant to mention that many believe this year will bring more of a “shift of conciousness”….a change in how the world operates, rather than a fire and brimstone wrath of god scenario! And yes, the Druids are old hands at this (I’m reading The Forest House right now, as a matter of fact!), so with you in my corner I’m not too worried. 😉

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