Inspiration Station: Poetree Funeral Urn

All this talk about the Apocalypse reminded me that I saw this wonderful alternative to a gravestone – the Poetree Funeral Urn!

Poetree: A Funeral Urn That Lets You Plant A Tree From Ashes

Originally published at Treehugger by Kimberley Mok

Though conventional ‘deathcare’ is hardly green, thanks to the use of embalming chemicals, concrete vaults and non-biodegradable caskets, burials are getting greener each year with various eco-friendly options and smarter approaches.

But what about keeping it simple, yet also tying death back into nature’s cycle of renewal? That’s what French designer Margaux Ruyant does with Poetree, a funeral urn that infuses a poetic spirit into the mourning process. Poetree is a funeral urn that evolves over time, allowing loved ones to plant a tree in the ashes, while also providing a simple but elegant monument.

The Poetree is made out of a ceramic ring with the deceased’s details, plus a cork container and stopper. Relatives can place the deceased’s ashes in the urn and take it home, along with a boxwood tree sapling in a biodegradable pot. When they are ready, the cork stopper is removed, soil can be poured inside the urn, and the small tree may be planted in the ashes.

After giving the boxwood tree some time to grow, the urn can then be planted outside, where the cork container can biodegrade, leaving only the ceramic ring as a marker and a living, growing tree to commemorate those who have passed on. It’s a gorgeous idea that transforms the traditional ‘static’ view of death into something that is fluid and triumphantly hopeful.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration Station: Poetree Funeral Urn

  1. I saw this on Treehugger awhile ago and think it’s a wonderful idea. I would really like to have a green burial myself, and I’m glad to know there are more options. I’m not sure about the legality of it in NY State yet, but I know other states have started “green” cemeteries.

  2. I wonder what the “laws” are with what you do on your own land. Many of the old houses around here have family graveyards on them. Some people may see it as affecting the value of the home – but I don’t think I would mind….which reminds me, there’s an old farmhouse for sale by owner next to the Plessis cemetery, and a for sale by owner camp right on the lake a few houses down from us!

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