All Cooped Up

Over the course of a weekend, Butch built us a chicken coop! He designed it himself and got the materials mostly free from work. And despite how the photos make it look, I did help out (mostly with the painting/decoration side of things). Butch has been researching heritage breeds that are both good layers and meat birds. We’ll be ordering in the spring from a supplier that doesn’t require a minimum (since we’re not planning on having more than 8 or 10 total). I grew up with chickens (and one mean rooster that loved to trap me on the jungle-gym), but this will be a new experience for Butch.

Between our expanded garden, the upcoming chickens, working out a quarter-share situation on our neighbor’s cows down the street (and cutting down on beef-consumption in general) and trading in a clunky gas-guzzler for a new fuel-efficient Subaru, we are trying to do our part to live sustainably in our small corner of the world!

2 thoughts on “All Cooped Up

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