Green 101: Intro to Sustainability Week 4 – Climate Change


This past week’s class focused on the hot button issue of climate change and whether the climate of the future will be “hot, hotter or hottest.” It was interesting to learn the textbook difference between weather (changeable daily highs) and climate (the long-term average of weather), and how factors like insolation and albedo result the average temperature of a planet.

Overall, week 4 reminded me of science class, with talk of compound concentrations and researchers drilling ice cores out of the Antarctic to be shipped to labs throughout the world for study:

That video was the most interesting part of this week for me! Between rushing to get my week’s “homework” done for both my Intro to Sustainability and the Modern Poetry classes, and general hecticness at work leading up to a long weekend spent out of town, I didn’t even go near the forums this week. Not to mention, climate change has become such an overused buzzword that I’m afraid I’ve joined the masses by physically tuning it out whenever it’s mentioned.

Oh well. This upcoming week is all about energy, which does interest me greatly, especially since hydrofracking is of very much interest to NY state right now



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