Item! My Artwork to Appear in 64th Annual North Country Arts Council’s Fall Show

Having gone to art school and having a wonderful group of legitimate artist friends, I’ve attended my share of openings and shows (FYI – art show = free food). I’m an artistic person myself, but I tend to make more craft-related things, mostly shrines. And while I’ve made them for friends and family before (usually based on a personal interest of theirs), I’ve only occasionally thought about whether my work would be of interest to random people. I do remember going to last year’s NCAC Fall Art Show, noticing that there was a real lack of mixed media pieces, and vaguely thinking that I should submit mine when the show came around again. Then I received an email from NCAC reminding me that they were accepting artwork submissions for their fall show and I thought “what the heck.” Well, the jury liked what they saw – I’m in!

Here are the 5 pieces that will be on display (and for sale, hint hint):


“The Siren”

“Cherry Blossoms”


“Natural Wonder”

So, despite living in one of the art capitals of the world for 10 years, it took moving up to the North Country for me to finally exhibit! A big step of this process has been a conscious effort on my part to make shrines that I’m detached from, that aren’t personally sentimental to me (I have shelves and shelves of those at home as it is!). In other words, shrines that can be for sale. However, even if I don’t make any sales, just seeing my shrines exhibited, and seeing other people enjoying them will be a huge thrill. Not to mention the food at the opening should be delicious…


2 thoughts on “Item! My Artwork to Appear in 64th Annual North Country Arts Council’s Fall Show

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