F what S?

Or: A little about me…and why exactly I started this blog.

I was born & raised in rural Maine, to hippie/back-to-the-land parents who composted, didn’t allow sugar cereal in the house and forgave me when I poured wet cement down the sink during one of my early art/construction projects. While hanging out in the woods had its moments, by the time high school was done, I was ready for big city life: Brooklyn.

I graduated with a graphic design degree from Pratt Institute, and after a string of design jobs, moved up the ranks to become Art Director of a major magazine. Despite this prestigious position, professional life had begun to lose its allure – Cubicle culture can really sap the artist outta anyone.

So that’s when I said F that S! I love design, and will always utilize the experience I’ve gained, but I’d had it with the cube and with not using my varied artistic abilities to their fullest. So what was a big New York City gal to do?

I went back to my roots, and back to school! First, I earned my Certificate in Floral Design from Molloy College (Under Michael George from 1800Flowers), took a course in Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) from the Shambhala Buddhist Center in NYC, took some Horticulture classes at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and volunteered at Prospect Park and with Fritz Haeg’s Lenape Edible Estate.

I then earned my first Permaculture Design Certificate from the New York Open Center, under Claudia Joseph, and could immediately see the influence on my life and future plans. The basic theory of Permaculture is “Care of People. Care of Planet. Return of Surplus to Both.” A light bulb went off: If I could manage to work at jobs that are personally meaningful to me, and contribute what time and effort I can to environmental and community causes, then the energy that I put out into this world will come back to me (and others) tenfold!

With a renewed interest in horticulture, I briefly worked as the supervisor for Manhattan Plant Design Experts, before realizing that what I truly needed was to live closer to nature. So, along with my then-boyfriend, Butch, I moved to upstate New York to volunteer for an artist retreat. In 2011, Butch and I got married and I was invited to join the education committee at the North Country Arts Council, where I finally felt my desire to give back to the community being fulfilled.

And on that note, in March 2012, I started working as the Coordinator of Education and Outreach at the Thousand Islands Land Trust, based in nearby Clayton – a position that will surely allow me to further hone my skills in environmental stewardship and community outreach. Besides all that, I’m still freelancing as a graphic designer, and have started my own accessory and home decor business called Five Birch Perch.

So this lil’ blog is a way to stay motivated, to keep all my friends informed of what tidbit of green(ish) info is interesting me at the moment, and to maybe inspire someone else to F that S and start out on an alt-career adventure of their own.

On a side note: In October 2011, EcoPressed starting regularly highlighting posts of mine in their featured section. The timing of this honor was perfect as I’ve been researching how to use F that S as a networking tool to virtually connect with other green(ish) types all over the world. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Wanna chat? misscorinne (at) gmail (dot) com
Need some graphic design work? DivineConceptionDesign (at) gmail (dot) com

F that S and all photos and subject matter contained within (unless otherwise noted) are © 2008 © 2009 © 2010 © 2011 © 2012 F that S/Corinne Mockler

I use a Nikon p80 for anyone who is curious.

Endnote: When I first started, I was VERY bad with properly crediting photos on my blog, so I’ve started the long, but responsible, process of going back through EVERY post and crediting properly. If you see something that is yours, just drop me a line and I’ll fix it sooner. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “F what S?

  1. Hi, beautiful images… I can’t see anything about using them? I love the spiral-jetty photo and am wondering if I can use it in an invitation for a symposium being held by my Educational Studies class?


  2. Hi,

    I had a quick question regarding this photo(link below)…..is this photo copyright protected or can I use this image for a particular website…..

    I would really appreciate it…….if you could e-mail me at inderjit.toor@gmail.com


  3. Hi Anu –

    The Central Park image was not taken by me (I’m currently going back through old posts and properly crediting it). My suggestion would be to go to Flickr and search under Central Park. That way you can contact the photographer directly and ask for permission to use the image.

    Thanks for checking in!

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