Inspiration Station: Natural Shadowboxes

I recently came across the shadowbox artwork of Simone LeBlanc over at the House+Home section of Terrain. While I could never dream of selling any of my lil’ shadowboxes for close to $300 each (whoa!), LeBlanc’s work offered me some inspiration nonetheless:

Inspired by stars in the night sky, an abstract galaxy of polished agate captures the strength of celestial sights.

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Item! My Artwork to Appear in 64th Annual North Country Arts Council’s Fall Show

Having gone to art school and having a wonderful group of legitimate artist friends, I’ve attended my share of openings and shows (FYI – art show = free food). I’m an artistic person myself, but I tend to make more craft-related things, mostly shrines. And while I’ve made them for friends and family before (usually based on a personal interest of theirs), I’ve only occasionally thought about whether my work would be of interest to random people. I do remember going to last year’s NCAC Fall Art Show, noticing that there was a real lack of mixed media pieces, and vaguely thinking that I should submit mine when the show came around again. Then I received an email from NCAC reminding me that they were accepting artwork submissions for their fall show and I thought “what the heck.” Well, the jury liked what they saw – I’m in!

Here are the 5 pieces that will be on display (and for sale, hint hint):

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Inspiration Station: Magnified Food Photography


Below are images from “Terra Cibus: food photographed with a scanning electron microscope by Caren Alpert” via Colossal.

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope by Caren Alpert macro food
terra cibus no.3 / celery Leaf (85x magnification)

San Francisco-based fine art and commercial photographer Caren Alpert combines her loves for photography, food, and art in these gorgeous photos taken with an electron microscope. Alpert captures the microscopic, almost other-worldly surfaces of common foods such as Oreo cookies, shrimp, leaves, and candy, turning what might normally be a scientific endeavor into fine art. As amazing as the images look here I’ve linked each through to the high resolution version on her website so you can see them in greater detail. Alpert has upcoming shows at Bertha V.B. Lederer Gallery starting October 2, as well as a show called The Beauty + Biology of our Food at the Citigroup Center starting November 2. She also has limited edition prints for sale and you can find out more by contacting her here.

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope by Caren Alpert macro food
terra cibus no.32 / shrimp tail (230x magnification)

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope by Caren Alpert macro food
terra cibus no.23 / purple onion (230x magnification)

Terra Cibus: Food Photographed with A Scanning Electron Microscope by Caren Alpert macro food
terra cibus no.6 / red licorice (20x Magnification)


Inspiration Station: Invasive Crochet

Discovered the “invasive crochet” work of Crystal Gregory, via the blog of Joetta Maue:

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Giant Fish Made from Plastic Bottles

Just something wonderful I stumbled upon…

Giant Fish Sculptures Made from Discarded Plastic Bottles in Rio

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Spotlight On: The Homeless Photo Booth Project by Photographer Amelia Burns

Attn anonymous hater: Please see this post here and then please, grow up and go away.

My friend, photographer Amelia Burns, is preparing to undertake an important journey of bringing hope, growth, recovery, recognition and cheer to homeless people across the country. The result will be The Homeless Photo Booth Project and it deserves everyone’s support! She is one of the most genuine, special people I know and I love that this project was inspired by her (now passed) father, who worked very closely with the homeless himself when he was alive. Please get behind this wonderful project…I know I’m on the lookout for a Winnebago (or suitable substitute…).


My name is Amelia Burns, and I am an artist living in Ithaca, New York! I have been taking pictures since I was twelve years old. I have a BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and I specialize in intimate street portraits.

My campaign is a combination of my personal dream to travel the country photographing people in a photo booth, and my late father’s dream to SPREAD THE CHEER with photos conveying these priciples:


I want to illuminate the unseen, and challenge my viewers to see beyond their set ideas about humanity. I have a passion for capturing people’s spirit with my camera, and I am inspired to help people live better lives and to transform into the people they would like to be. I want to combine my love for photography and my enchantment with people! I want my photos to show the world what I feel and see about humanity, and SPREAD THE CHEER.

My hope is that this project will illuminate a group of people that encompass all facets of our society. “The Homeless”, includes many different groups, ranging from the drug addicted, the mentally ill, people who have simply lost there jobs, the homeless by choice, etc. I want to explore and celebrate who the homeless of our country are and give them a face and a place to shine.

At the projects end, I intend to Publish a book of all the portraits, and have an art opening!

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Inspiration Station: Tree Drawings by Tim Knowles

Created by artist Tim Knowles:

A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches,
the wind’s effects on the tree, recorded on paper.  Like signatures each drawing reveals the
different qualities and characteristics of each tree.

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