Inspiration Station: Natural Shadowboxes

I recently came across the shadowbox artwork of Simone LeBlanc over at the House+Home section of Terrain. While I could never dream of selling any of my lil’ shadowboxes for close to $300 each (whoa!), LeBlanc’s work offered me some inspiration nonetheless:

Inspired by stars in the night sky, an abstract galaxy of polished agate captures the strength of celestial sights.

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Bad Weather Activity: Crafty Landscapes

I did my first craft fair this weekend (with Butch), and while my debut featured jewelry and home decor (utilizing natural and man-made materials – see my brand new Five Birch Perch Etsy page!), I want to eventually expand to include embroidery/needlework. I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a while on how to explore the “natural” theme while using synthetic thread, which led to a google search on embroidered landscapes. Like drawing, painting or photography, there are a few ways to approach this subject.

Traditionally (resembles a tactile painting):

By English artist Ann Sharman

Macro (with applique!):

By Canadian artist Kirsten Chursinoff

Abstract (I want one of these tapestries, stat):

By Italy-based Etsy artist nerina52

Informational/Architectural (a fun way to plan my landscaping for next year?):

By American artist Jennifer Hunold