Who Needs a Drink?

Depending on which way the cookie crumbled for you last night with the election, you could either use a drink in celebration or in sorrow. This article from Green America suggests that you make it organic!

Photo from Green Earth Cafe & Bakery

Organic Beer and Wine

If you consume alcoholic beverages, try organic beer or wine. They’re better for your health and the planet, and they taste good, too.

Historian Gregg Smith writes that fermented beverages have been nourishing body and enlivening spirit since the very dawn of civilization, dating at least as far back as when the ancient Mesopotamians began storing away “liquid bread” for later use. If you already consume alcoholic drinks, consider buying organic beer or wine for your social engagements and celebrations. There’s a growing number of refreshing offerings from the vine, the grain, and the orchard that contribute to restoring the environment, empowering workers, and protecting your health. Not only are organic beer and wine better for your body, but you may find they taste better than their non-organic counterparts, too.

Why Go Organic?

Choosing organic beverages means that the grapes, barley, hops, apples, and other ingredients used to make your fermented refreshment are spared the application of toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. These unhealthy chemical inputs pollute our water, air, and soil. Researchers at Cornell University estimate that at least 67 million birds die each year from pesticides sprayed on US fields. The number of fish killed is conservatively estimated at six to 14 million. And, many pesticides are toxic to humans, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Not only does chemically intensive farming devastate ecosystems and harm human populations, it also contributes to the crisis in family-owned farms. The US lost an estimated 650,000 family farms in the last decade. Organic farming, on the other hand, is proving to be small-farmer friendly-most organic farms are less than 100 acres.

Chemical-free organic drinks often taste better, too. Just ask Andrew Myers, dining room manager at Washington, DC’s Restaurant Nora, America’s first certified organic restaurant. “I recommend organic wines and beers to our customers because of their excellent quality, not just because it’s the right thing to do,” says Myers.

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Inspiration Station: DIY Plant Hangers from Design Sponge

I’m currently rooting a bunch of houseplants for a friend (seriously, don’t buy a spider plant ever – you probably know someone who could root you a small army of spiders), and am realizing I should re-pot a few of my own. While I love a good vintage macrame hanger (they somehow work with my house decor), I do like modern versions as well. Then this morning I happened upon these two incredible DIY plant hanger projects from the genius minds at Design Sponge:

Leather Plant Hanger

Tiered Hanging Pots

Seed Bombs Get Heavy

Garden Writer Andrea Bellamy, of Heavy Petal fame, appeared on a Vancouver TV show to demonstrate how easy seed bombs are to make:

I’m sure you city peeps know an underused urban lot that could use a little updating…and for bombing of a different kind, don’t forget about earth-friendly moss graffiti!

Bad Weather Activity: Green Craft Magazine

Being an early supporter of Readymade Magazine, then an early hater when they fired their entire (mostly female) staff and relocated to the midwest to be closer to corporate hq, I decided recently to give it another chance…The verdict is still out on whether it’s regained its original, innovative pinache (I mean, I think they’ve shown how to build a raised bed for veggies about 10 times at this point)…we’ll see. 

Besides Readymade, I also subscribe to Organic Gardening, but really wanted something that would inspire me to create. While browsing the magazine section at Borders recently, I made an exciting discovery: Green Craft Magazine.

Not the cheapest buy at $15 a pop (it’s a thick quarterly), but I don’t exaggerate when I say it’s chock full o’ ideas. And not just crazy-cat-lady-worthy creations – I’m talking actually stylish, wearable, giftable ideas…Oh, if only I had this magazine during my tween years (Although at least I had Sassy)!

But no, I did not buy it, since I saw that I could also download the digital version of each issue onto my compy for only $9. Side Note: It would be nice if more magazines were available for download/online-only subscriptions.

If thrifting and refurbishing is more your (green(ish)) thing, there’s equally new mag Flea Market Style. And for just general creative inspiration, my new fave: Where Women Create

And no, I’m not being paid for any of these endorsements (I wish!), just sharing the good word on some genuine crafty goodness.

Stylishly Gardening Indoors pt II

…And then again, maybe all I need to do is cradle everything in modern macrame hangers a la Skinny Laminx:

Amazingly easy tutorial here. After being without a creative space for so long, I’m just about ready to explode with craftiness now that we’ve moved in! Deep breath. First things first…

Photo from Skinny Laminx (Who then, apparently not feeling creative enough,  made a paper cutout of the hanging succulent garden she created!)