Inspiration Station: Natural Shadowboxes

I recently came across the shadowbox artwork of Simone LeBlanc over at the House+Home section of Terrain. While I could never dream of selling any of my lil’ shadowboxes for close to $300 each (whoa!), LeBlanc’s work offered me some inspiration nonetheless:

Inspired by stars in the night sky, an abstract galaxy of polished agate captures the strength of celestial sights.

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Item! My Artwork to Appear in 64th Annual North Country Arts Council’s Fall Show

Having gone to art school and having a wonderful group of legitimate artist friends, I’ve attended my share of openings and shows (FYI – art show = free food). I’m an artistic person myself, but I tend to make more craft-related things, mostly shrines. And while I’ve made them for friends and family before (usually based on a personal interest of theirs), I’ve only occasionally thought about whether my work would be of interest to random people. I do remember going to last year’s NCAC Fall Art Show, noticing that there was a real lack of mixed media pieces, and vaguely thinking that I should submit mine when the show came around again. Then I received an email from NCAC reminding me that they were accepting artwork submissions for their fall show and I thought “what the heck.” Well, the jury liked what they saw – I’m in!

Here are the 5 pieces that will be on display (and for sale, hint hint):

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