This ceramic planter is so cute! And look, there’s even little figurines of people enjoying the “park” you’ve planted:


Hmmm…upon closer inspection…




Ha! Other alternative park encounters available. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Precious…

  1. Hmm those park episodes.
    So.. I’m very excited about your flower stuff and your schooling– wow, landscape design! You never fail to amaze me. And to inspire me! I’m already excited for spring–in spite of having 2 feet of the white stuff on the ground– I’m going to explore the possibility of growing flower and veggies in the lake on floating rafts or islands. Great exposure to sunlite, with as much lake water as can be slurpsed up by the roots. No soil diseases, no slugs. Let see how I do.
    Check these out–
    And some off the wall–
    also, I have that old radio controlled racecar downstairs– I think I can attach a sweeper head on a rod to the front of the car. Then I can drive the dust-kitty’s away, and terrorize the kitty-cats all at once. Incidentally, I’ve going to attach a homemade flag-on-a-spring to the mailbox. So when the mail lady pulls open the mailbox, she’ll free the flag and get surprised by this sudden erection springing itself skyward at the rear of the mailbox. How Phallic.

  2. BaRou stands for Baton Rouge, where my friend (and ex-Playgirl) Colleen Kane lives….now go back to grinding moose meat or whatever else you do up there…

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